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Those days are passed, when internet surfing is a test of your patience.  Today the internet speed has touched the speed of electricity.  Today is the generation of 3G and 4G speed.  Kbps fight, passing from level of Mbps has reached to the level of Gbps and Tbps.  As in this case the stats are shocking, in a survey conducted by a technology company on the average speed of internet in different countries worldwide.  Even the country like America is failed to register in the list of top 10 countries.  And India is on 109th position.

Here internet speed doesn’t walks, rather it runs

Top 12 countries where speed matters 

  1. Hong Kong- 63.6 mega byte per second
  2. Japan- 50 mega byte per second
  3. Romania- 47.9 mega byte per second
  4. South Korea- mega byte per second
  5. Latvia- 44.2 mega byte per second
  6. Singapore- 41.1 mega byte per second
  7. Switzerland- 40.3 mega byte per second
  8. Bulgaria- 38.2 mega byte per second
  9. Netherlands- 38.2 mega byte per second
  10. Belgium- 38 mega byte per second
  11. America- 36.6 mega byte per second
  12. Britain- 36.3 mega byte per second

This is where India stands

  • Rank- 109
  • Average peak speed of internet- 10.6 mega byte per second
  • Average connection speed- 1.3 mega byte per second
  • 2.4% Indian internet connection has speed of 4 mega byte per second or more than of it.
  • 0.3% Indian internet connection has speed of 10 mega byte per second or more than of it.

These stats are based on the basis of Akamai technologies survey, of average peak connection speed between january to march. 

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  1. Raaj

    | Reply

    indian speeds are same as american primary school kids use
    still faster considering our bureaucrats speeed of movement

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